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Fargo's Drug Court celebrates 15 years

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FARGO—Dozens celebrated a decade and a half of Drug Court in Fargo on Wednesday.

"Thanks for never giving up even when I gave up on myself. It's been an amazing ride and I'm excited to see what happens next," said Laura Gaarsland, 322nd Graduate of E.C.D. Drug Court.

Treatment courts like drug court serve more than 150,000 people each year around the United States.

The tough love program offers non-violent drug offenders a way to right their lives.

More than 300 people have graduated the program since it was adopted in the local region in 2003.

Drug Court requires participants to find jobs and sponsors and is proven to be the most effective method of cutting down repeat offenses.

The latest graduate says Drug Court gave her a new life after a cycle of jail time and probation didn't work.