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Moorhead brush fire speaks to important reminder

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MOORHEAD—Dry, windy conditions in the area are creating a perfect environment for fires to start and spread.

A pile of charred brush at Ole's Tree Nursery was a fire for about 10 minutes on Tuesday after starting in a matter of minutes, and according to the owner, would have spread if not for these huge dirt mounds.

It started so quickly, Vern Kroshus didn't even know what happened.

He says an employee at his tree nursery was on a smoke break when they flicked a cigarette into a pile of brush and palettes.

"She just threw her butt in there and all of a sudden it flamed up," said Kroshus.

The small fire garnered a huge response.

"I had two police, two fire trucks, an ambulance. I didn't know what was going on. On a windy day I can see why the fire department came out. If that was to blow over there they could have a big mess," said Kroshus.

It isn't the first time flames have sprouted there.

"When you look out there on the tracks we've had trains come down here and shoot sparks. You can see how dry it is by the tracks. That fire will spread faster than you've ever seen," said Kroshus.

The Moorhead Fire Department says on windy days like Tuesday, fires can grow out of hand quickly.

"Wind conditions over ten miles per hour are usually not a great time to do any burning," said Kayla Cross Assistant Fire Marshal, Moorhead Fire Department.

The fire's location also helped contain it.

"You should try to keep those burning piles or pits at least 25 feet from any structure," said Cross.

The fire, though harmless, is a good reminder to be careful, and ready for the worst, in these conditions.

Clay County has a "Very High" Fire Danger rating on Tuesday.

The Moorhead Fire Department is asking people to be extra careful with cigarette butts.