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DGF teacher selected to explore the Arctic

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GLYNDON Minn.—A teacher for DGF schools will have an amazing story to tell her students next fall, in her 'what I did on my summer vacation' story.

National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions have selected Kerri Westgard as one of its Grosvenor Teacher Fellows.

This means the middle school geography teacher is headed to the Arctic, once school is out at DGF this spring.

Studying the world is a passion for teacher Kerri Westgard, Monday her students begin researching the countries of Asia.

And while the focus in class Monday is on countries like Mongolia and Pakistan, Westgard is making plans to pack her bags soon for the Arctic.

"I pinch myself, I can't believe I will be able to do this," said Westgard.

Where she and 40 other teachers in North America will spend part of June.

"I love traveling and experiencing new things, and bringing back that explorer passion to my students," said Westgard.

Westgard is a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, recognized by National Geographic for her commitment to geography and education, and that is the key.

Sure this is a great trip, seeing the land, animals, and culture of Greenland, Iceland and the far reaches of Norway.

But what treasure of research to bring back to the kids at DGF.

"It is learning and bringing that passion back and inspiring the next generation of citizen scientists and explorers, it is developing that explorer mindset with students and guiding them to help understand their world and do something with it," said Westgard.

Perhaps in her classroom right now are future scientists and researchers, but certainly, all will be stewards of our planet.

And so what is learned now may be key in preserving it.

This is the 12th year of the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program. For more information about the program, click the link to the National Geographic website.

Kevin Wallevand

Kevin Wallevand has been a Reporter at WDAY-TV since 1983. He is a native of Vining, Minnesota in Otter Tail County. His series and documentary work have brought him to Africa, Vietnam, Haiti, Kosovo, South America, Mongolia and the Middle East. He is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award recipient.

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