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Flood warning not something to worry about, yet

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METRO -- Tides are rising on the Red River.

As temperatures rise, so does the water in the Red River.

Fargo is in a flood warning right now, but meteorologists say, it might not be as bad as you think.

"As we take a look at the flood map, they are predicting it might reach minor flood stage Monday mid-morning, but as you can see they're only predicting it to reach only 18.6 feet over the next few days, so very good news for us who live right next to the Red River," said Andrew Whitmyer, WDAY Meteorologist.

Even though we got more than 50 inches of snow, meteorologists say it fell late enough to melt almost immediately.

The Red River hasn't had a "major flood risk" since 2013.

Despite the low expectancy for major flooding, there are still some areas that could see water, like Elm Street right next to El Zagal golf course.

City engineers expect this road to be closed in a couple of days.

These kind of measures are just part of what city engineers have to plan for every year.

"Our flood record is 2009. If we had another flood of that magnitude, we would still have to make a significant amount of emergency measures that we would have to do," said Nathan Boerboom, City Engineer.

It's dry seasons like this one that help the effort.

"We have been lucky these past few springs, past five or so years where we haven't had to do a lot of emergency efforts it gives us a chance to construct more levees and flood walls," said Boerboom.

Starting the late spring off with a warning, but not an emergency.

A "major flood risk" would happen if the Red River hit 30 feet.

As of Sunday night, it's at about 17 feet.