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Annual Powwow aims at bringing the community closer

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FARGO—Culture and community come together Saturday afternoon to celebrate Native American heritage.

All day, NDSU was filled with music, color and dancing.

This year, more than 1,500 people gathered for the annual Powwow.

12 tribes from three different states and Canada were represented throughout the day.

This years theme; "Celebrating Life. Creating Our Future," hoping to bring the community closer through culture.

"By coming out to a family-friendly event, it gives a great way to teach the youth how to celebrate and embrace those that may be a little different from them, but have a lot of the same similarities," said Jered Pigeon, Powwow Committee Chair.

Crowds got to experience differences and similarities as they watched their friends and family dance in colorful "regalia" each one with a special meaning and background.

"The importance of wearing a jingle dress is actually healing - it's a healing dress because the sound of the jingle helps with healing, and it's very powerful in our culture," said Aexus Buckanaga, Pine Point Princess.

Just as every piece of regalia is different, so is everyone's reason for being here for most the Powwow goes beyond color and stitch, and touches on something cultural and familial.

"Pow wow means to me and my family, it's just our life and everything we love to do, and it's bringing our culture together as one," said Buckanaga.

Creating a future, celebrating life.

There were more than 250 dancers who participated.