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Administrative leave for officers puts pressure on local police departments

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METRO—Monday's officer involved shooting leaves four officers from three departments on paid administrative leave.

This brings the total to seven officers in the metro who have been placed on leave over the course of a month.

Local law enforcement say it's an unusually high number.

"It's very unusual to have three officer involved shootings in three local jurisdictions. It's something that is very unfortunate," said Moorhead Police Captain Tory Jacobson.

Paid administrative leave is standard procedure but its not common, and can leave departments short handed.

"We step up as what we identify a family in brown. Just to ensure those gaps are covered because under no circumstance are we going to leave streets unpatrolled just based upon that," said Cass County Sheriff Sergeant Tim Briggeman.

Departments are able to fill the gaps with overtime or with the help of another agency.

The shortages aren't a sole result of the officers on leave, but rather an ongoing issue.

"Recruiting and getting qualified candidates to fill some of our voids is definitely difficult, not only for our office but offices within our region," said Sgt. Briggeman.

And the shortages and dangerous incidents seem to be a nation-wide issue

"It represents indications that we continue to have increased violence towards officers and the difficult types of calls they respond to on a daily basis," said Capt. Jacobson

But to them it's all just part of the job.

"You dread the thought of it but nonetheless you know the risk that comes with being involved with law enforcement, and nonetheless getting put in those situation," said Sgt. Briggeman.

A risk officers say they knew they signed up for as the prepare to protect and serve another day.