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Neighbors raise concerns about lack of communication in parking lot project

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MOORHEAD, Minn. — Some Moorhead residents are upset, saying the city's planning commission didn't communicate their options to oppose a residential parking lot project.

A developer is trying to turn an empty lot along 9th street into a parking lot.

Several members of the Historic Comstock Neighborhood it sits in took to a planning commission meeting to voice frustrations.

They believe they should have been explicitly informed they had the right to appeal projects like the parking lot.

The lot in question was appealed in time, but some cited a similar project which was not appealed in time.

At the meeting, the commission suggested to the city council more new requirements for new lots to be put in residential areas, as many residents asked for.

"That would be the standard I would suggest you think about," said David Wintersteen, who lives in the neighborhood. "How do you make it hard for developers to stick a parking lot into your neighborhood?"

The City Council will take action on the suggestion at its next scheduled meeting.