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Mac Schneider formally announces campaign for U.S. House

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FARGO—A third North Dakotan democrat is vying for the state's U.S. House of Representatives ticket.

Attorney Mac Schneider visited Grand Forks and Fargo to formally announce his campaign.

He served as the state's minority leader from 2013 until 2016 when he lost his re-election in the 42nd district.

Schneider says he wants to preserve what's important to North Dakotans.

He thinks congress is divided and wants both sides of the isle to focus on common problems.

"What I want to make clear to North Dakotans at the outset of this campaign is that I'm not running against the president. I am running for North Dakota." said schneider.

He's competing against former state legislator Ben Hanson, and state Senator John Grabinger for the democratic endorsement.

The republican incumbent, Kevin Cramer, is running for U.S. senate this November.