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Police investigate West Fargo standoff

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WEST FARGO—Police are giving the "all clear" to a neighborhood that was shut down Thursday morning after a standoff situation in West Fargo.

It happened here just after 9:00 near the intersection of 12th Street East and Starr Avenue which is a few blocks north of Veterans Memorial Arena.

Police say a woman did a text to 911 call saying there was an armed, suicidal man in the home.

Within two minutes, West Fargo PD arrived and were able to get the woman out.

About an hour later a negotiator made contact and got the man to come out to police.

Officers did recover several weapons inside.

"At this point, again, it's still an ongoing investigation. We're not going to be releasing any names at this time or speculate on any possible charges at this time," said Jerry Boyer, West Fargo Asst. Police Chief.

No one was injured, and police say the man and woman were related.