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Tri-college ROTC lends helping hand to veterans snowed in

METRO—A group of young cadets are helping veterans get through the winter.

Students with MSUM, NDSU and Concordia ROTC volunteer their time to shovel driveways and walkways for veterans in the metro.

"Some are disabled, some live alone or they just don't have the ability to remove their snow — obviously we have the ability and we can help that's why we go out and do it for them," said Jenna Winter, NDSU ROTC.

"I see as though its building them personal responsibility and it's kind of a breaking jump-lap to the military. Perhaps they can continue building that platform they're looking for to make them something successful in life," said one local veteran.

The ROTC has around 10 cadets who help out, cleaning five to eight driveways anytime snow slams the metro.

"Some need a little help, so we give back to them. Hopefully someday when we're veterans, there will be young soldiers who will do that same for us," said Winter.

The operation has helped veterans for more than five years.

Whether it's half an inch or several feet high, they lend a hand and a shovel.

"There's not a lot of snow that fell, but it's still slippery and veterans still need it cleared off because it's a hazard on the walkways, so we'll still come out," said Winter.

They say this act of kindness is nothing out of the ordinary, a friendly notion shared with the military and the community.

"We're all part of the same organization. They've served, and we're gonna serve or are serving some of us. So it makes you feel good that we're helping out each other, helping out your fellow soldier," said Winter.

A way for young soldiers to pay it forward to those who already served.

"Yeah, they're right on top of it and it's perfect what they're doing. I feel really grateful," said the veteran.

For more information on how veterans can get in contact with the ROTC for assistance you can call 1-763-377-3773