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Local businesses host Valentine's Day events regardless of relationship status

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FARGO—It's Valentine's Day.

A day of flowers, chocolates, and connections, but WalletHub ranks North Dakota as the 6th worst state for single people.

Love is in the air, and if you live in the metro this may be especially true; 24/7 Wall Street ranks Fargo as a top 20 city for singles

It considers the percentage of single people, social dating-life and of course, money.

While views on the day can be polar opposites, so can the plans for the night in the area, making Fargo's nightlife suitable for almost anyone.

Places like Porter Creek are gearing up for a night chock-full of reservations.

"About 400 people have made reservations for this evening to come out and enjoy a Valentine's Dinner with us," said Chris Poer, Porter Creek General Manager.

While places like Borrowed Bucks is hosting its 'Anti-Valentines Day Party', the notion is simple.

"It's kind of a day or night that's misery for them to look at everybody that's so happy and holding hands and things like that it's just like, 'Ugh, I don't want to be part of that or do that,'" said Joe Tollefson, Borrowed Bucks General Manager.

The good news on this Valentine's Day is that more than half of Fargo's population is single, and, they rank in the top 10-percent for income.