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Essentia Health promotes handwashing awareness

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FARGO—Essentia Health says old-school methods to prevent the flu are tried and true, which is why it's taking the time to promote hand washing.

Studies show 95% of us do not properly wash our hands.

Essemtia is now giving away free hand-washing posters to the public.

Infectious disease doctors say just 20 seconds, or two rounds of "Happy Birthday" can help prevent 30% of diseases from spreading.

"It's not only flu we are talking about, there are so many respiratory infections, there are so many gastrointestinal infections, diarrhoeal diseases that can be prevented just by washing," said Dr. Prakash Kafle, Essentia Health.

400 posters have already been given to schools and businesses.

Essentia has 1,000 more on hand.