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City of Fargo approves Syringe Services Program

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FARGO—The City of Fargo approved the implementation of a Syringe Services Program downtown.

The Good Neighbor Project Program will move in on North Broadway.

It will provide clean needles for those battling addiction.

Health professionals from Fargo Cass Public Health say the exchange is needed to reduce harm to those addicted.

Clean needles are supposed to lower risk of disease, and research suggests those who use the service are more likely to seek help.

Despite the endorsement of Fargo Cass Public Health, commissioner Dave Piepkorn was the lone dissenting vote.

"They're asking us to fund people using needles to use illegal drugs, and they're criminals because if you're using drugs illegally you're committing a crime, correct?" said Dave Piepkorn, Fargo Commissioner.

The program will cost about $30,000 dollars per year, and will be funded from a budget allocation.