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Attempted robbery with gun at Fargo Tesoro

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FARGO— Fargo Police say a man with a rifle tried to rob the Tesoro off of 32nd Avenue in South Fargo. 

18 year-old John Holeton walked in, wearing a mask, and carrying a long rifle on Sunday night around 8:30 p.m.

The Fargo Police Department says Holeton was stopped by a customer, who waited for the man with a gun to come into the Tesoro. 

Once he walked through the doors, the customer confronted Holeton and managed to take the gun away from him. 

He then fled on foot. 

When Fargo Police arrived on scene, officers set up a perimeter to look for the man. 

A K-9 unit was also dispatched to track down the suspect, but the K-9 could not follow the scent. 

Police were eventually able to arrest Holeton and take him to the Cass County Jail. He is being charged with attempted robbery and possession of a stolen firearm.

Police say there is no threat to the public at this time.

Authorities say this is an isolated incident.