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Thieves rob South Fargo home in broad daylight

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FARGO—Police are on the lookout, after a home was robbed in South Fargo in broad daylight.

The homeowners watched the whole thing unfold on their phone.

It happened on 19th Street and 30th Avenue in South Fargo.

Police said a "ring" door camera is the only witness.

"I think that they're disguised enough, it's not like one of the big cameras in your face, they probably didn't even realize it," said Jessica Schindeldecker, Fargo Police Department. "She was able to see the footage of the two individuals that we've released on our facebook page on that video, enter her home, and shortly within a few minutes leave her residence with some of her property."

The homeowner, quickly warned her neighbors by sending out an alert on the Nextdoor App.

"We do know that there was a safe with a firearm inside it and some electronics," said Schindeldecker.

The homeowner told WDAY that no one was home when it happened.

Thursday, you could see police scouring the neighborhood, trying to track down the two suspects.

If you recognize any of the individuals in the video, please contact the Fargo police department.