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Tips to avoid break ins, theft while out of town this winter

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FARGO—Fargo Police are warning those looking to escape the cold, lock up, and look out.

In this cold, it's no wonder people are itching to get somewhere warm, but a trip out of town could be an invite to thieves looking for some easy money if you're not careful.

So lock up, and consider a few more tips before you leave.

A winter vacation may sound relaxing to you, but it could mean business for would be thieves.

"They have all the time in the world, and don't have to worry about someone coming home," said Jessica Schindeldecker, Fargo Police Dept.

Police have some advice to help keep your home from becoming a target.

Consider putting a halt on mail deliveries for the dates you plan on being gone.

You know to lock your doors, but before you leave, check your windows as well.

You might also want to consider a snow removal service, police say unshoveled sidewalks are a big indicator no one has been home for a while.

Making a home look lived in is the easiest way to keep burglars at bay.

"If they're sitting watching a house and there's no lights going on or off, it's a good sign no one is home," said Schindeldecker.

Visible motion lights and cameras deter many thieves.

Police also say not to hesitate if you see something that doesn't sit right.

"If you see something suspicious on your property or someone else's, you need to call immediately," said Schindeldecker.

A little preparation can go a long way towards peace of mind if you're away from home this winter.

Another thing to keep in mind; logging valuable items for free on Fargo's My Property, a log which helps investigators identify stolen goods.

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