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Tens of thousands of Minnesotans take part in 2018 caucus

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MOORHEAD—The first step of Minnesota's voting process is complete, after thousands went out to caucus.

In Moorhead, party faithful gathered to sign up and select delegates for the Democratic and Republican parties.

MSUM played host to the DFL, while Moorhead High School held the Republican caucus.

With an open Governor's seat and two senators to select this year, both parties agree it's important for voters to get involved.

"If you're interested in politics, Republican or Democrat, at the caucus level this is where it all begins," said Fred Wright, Clay County Republicans.

"It's rewarding. At times it can be difficult, because it is politics. At the end of the day a lot of us are in agreement, and we're all Americans taking part in the process as a whole," said Julian Dahlquist, Clay County DFL Chair.

The latest results show Tim Walz narrowly leading the Democratic bid for governor, and Jeff Johnson leading the Republican tally.