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Super Bowl Sunday just behind major holidays for number of drunk drivers

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GRAND FORKS—Bars and house parties are getting filled with people eating and drinking.

Despite this however, the Grand Forks Police Department tells us that Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty slow day for them unlike law enforcement right now in the Twin Cities.

They used to be concerned about drinking and driving, but the age of big-screen TV's and house parties has reduced the number of drunk drivers police see on the roads.

"Yeah its business as usual on Super Bowl Sunday. Last year on this day we had probably the same amount of calls we have on pretty much any Sunday in the winter time," said Sgt. Kevin Kallinen, Grand Forks Police Department.

Grand Forks Police say it's slow in the northern valley, but nationwide, it's a different story.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that Super Bowl Sunday is just behind New Years Eve and St. Patricks Day as the biggest day for drinking and driving.