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Pint size duo's play by play goes viral

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FARGO—Whiff six, Skol Mary, The Minneapolis Miracle, call it what you like, but there's no denying the miraculous game winning touchdown from the Viking's Divisional Round has many feeling Purple Fever.

As the Purple Powerhouse heads into the Conference Championship this weekend, a few die-hard Vikings fans are re-living the glory of the 61 yard catch-and-run heard 'round VIkings country.

Only, a game-winning call has never been quite so adorable.

From the aftermath of one of the greatest moments in Minnesota sports history, comes one of the greatest impressions.

Meet Gus and Eli Maack, Vikings fans from top to bottom.

Dad, Brody, was watching with his boys when the squad stomped the Saints last weekend.

"With the big play we've watched it probably, what? A million times," said Brody Maack, Dad.

"I didn't even know the Vikings could do that," said Gus Maack, 5 year old.

The Purple pair kept reliving their favorite play-by-play call of the famous play.

Then they made a video, a viral one at that.

They've captured the hearts of tens of thousands of fans already with their re-telling of the "Minneapolis Miracle."

The pint-sized play-by-play even caught the attention of the team's social media page.

"Didn't have any idea it would spread around like it has," said Brody.

Who knows? Maybe the next game could inspire a repeat performance from the promising young play-by-play duo.

At last count the Maack boys had piled up more than 200,000 views on Twitter.