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Habitat for Humanity hopes newly dedicated home will heal deep scars

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FARGO—A brand new house sits on an infamous lot in North Fargo.

This is the old lot of Michael Schumacher, where Fargo Police officer Jason Moszer was shot and killed nearly two years ago.

But as this house becomes a home, there's hope the community will think of this spot in a different light.

Danielle John spent the last few months helping build a Habitat Humanity home for her and her family.

But it wasn't always smiles and hope at 308 9th street North.

It's been home to bad memories for nearly two years now.

"I've become very close with Rachel Moszer throughout this, she's an amazing person," said Danielle John.

It's where Fargo lost a hero in February 2016.

"I've seen the beauty behind all of this. It's a tragedy. But the thing with tragedies is you have to grow. You have to keep moving forward," said John.

Moving forward is something John knows all too well.

She's a survivor of sex trafficking, and has overcome a hard life to be here now.

"Did I think I'd ever be moving into a home, most certainly not," said John.

Replacing the old home with the new has been medicine for the soul for many in Fargo, including the Police Department.

"The former house was difficult to drive by. When it was demolished it was a relief. We got to spend a day as a department out here helping build it, which was kind of therapeutic in many ways," said Chief David Todd, Fargo Police Department.

The importance of this redemption is easy to see it wasn't a packed house as John accepted the keys to her new place, it was a packed home.

As excited as Danielle and her kids are, they won't be moving in just yet.

Weather permitting, she hopes to be moved in within a couple of months.