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Jefferson Elementary students conduct research on indoor recess

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FARGO—As the needle falls below zero, kids around the metro head inside for their fun and games.

Thursday afternoon, Fargo elementary school students hung up their scarves and snow pants for "indoor recess," a change that is warm, but not always welcome, to young students.

"They would say it was boring, there's not much to do, that there weren't enough board games," Mike Grant, fourth grade teacher.

To make the classroom as fun as the playground, a fourth grade class at Jefferson Elementary turned their play time into a project.

For the past three months, 19 students have been researching and collecting data on recess.

From interviewing recess supervisors, to conducting surveys, this class has been working hard so they can play hard.

"This was one of the most engaging things I have ever done. If you came in any day, we were working on it. They were engaged, they were on-task, and they were working really hard. And I couldn't have asked for anything more from them," said Grant.

On cold days, those ideas are put to use.

Activities include: board games, coloring books, even "Just Dance."

Administrators say that activity is an important part in a child's learning.

"That physical education, physical movement just helps them throughout the day so they can be attentive in class and on task," said Brad Franklin, Jefferson Elementary Principal.

Now, after hours of work from the students, it's the administration's turn, and they have some plans to make indoor recess more fun.

"Tomorrow we're going to work with them, and we're going to create those opportunities and supply them with those supplies so they can be active during recess," said Franklin.

From the swings to the seats inside, kids are keeping their recess fun and safe.

Friday, the principal will meet with the class and announce plans to put the project into action with more games and activities.