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Locals take part in 'Doga'

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FARGO—We all love our dogs and now in downtown Fargo you can bring your pooch for a little "Downward Dog" of their own; it is called Doga

It teams up Dogs and their mantra-chanting owners for a little meditation and sound of Om.

When it comes to yoga, you have probably heard of positions like 'cat pose' or 'cow pose'.

And you don't want to forget a Yoga favorite, "pause and reach forward."

The idea, for the dog lovers of our metro, but especially those in the downtown area.

Instructor Dani Thompson says it is all about reimagining Yoga

"Bringing this class that gets people involved in Yoga and their dogs seemed like a really good match," said Thompson.

Energy levels were a bit high in the beginning, but breathing exercises kicked in and a calm came over the studio.

"Once they get the energy from the room they can get in their calm chill place," said Thompson, "It is really good for the older dogs because they can come in and relax and bond with their owners."

A couple of rules for the dogs and owners; they must be potty trained, the dogs, that is, and no aggressive behavior.

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