Web Update 12-29


Welcome to your news update.


A Fargo woman and her dog are recovering today after a vicious attack by two other dogs.

One-year-old pup Luna was in her fenced in yard last week when she got into a fight with dogs on the other side of the fence. Her nose and leg were pulled through the chain link, injuring her severely. In the scuffle, Luna's owner Katie Christensen injured her hands pulling the dogs apart. Now, she's waiting for news from the vet, which will decide if Luna will have to lose her leg. Christensen's friends have set up a fund to help cover daily visits to the vet. We have a link on our website if you're interested.


Young adults without a home will soon be able to escape from our blistering winds overnight.

Fraser Limited in Fargo plans to start overnight stays on January 2nd. Hours will go from 10:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. This team helps 16 to 26-year-olds transition to an independent adult life. The overnight stays are made possible by about $30 thousand in donations, a level of support they say keeps their doors open. Young adults interested in signing up are asked to call ahead, sign up in person, or message them on Facebook.


With icy roads, drivers are sliding and the police say the crash count is skyrocketing.

The Fargo Police Department released November and December crash numbers. This month they say there were 200 more crashes than last month. Authorities are also telling people to slow down and not use cruise control after this crash involving a North Dakota trooper. Highway Patrol says it happened yesterday morning when they were responding to a crash. Someone rear ended the squad car on an icy I-29 in Fargo.