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Dog and owner recovering after dogfight

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FARGO—A savage dog attack has left a Fargo woman and her pet seriously hurt.

A week ago, Katie Christensen let her puppy Luna into her backyard to relieve herself.

What happened next shocked and horrified Christensen, who's now left with a frightening question.

One year old puppy Luna used to love romping in her back yard, now she struggles to hobble.

This passive, pained dog is a far cry from the bright-eyed pup her owner Katie Christensen knows.

"A very playful energetic puppy, she loves to run. That's probably her favorite thing, just running in circles," said Christensen.

There will be no running any time soon after Luna ended up in a dogfight through a chain link fence.

Two other dogs pulled her through the fence by her nose and leg.

Christensen fought to free her battered dog.

"She was in pain and I couldn't make it stop. There was nothing I could do," said Christensen,"It's kind of hard to see but there's still some blood on the door."

Not Luna's blood, but her own.

"I ended up having a broken pinkie also and a few bite marks," said Christensen.

Now she's keeping her broken fingers crossed, unsure of what will happen to Luna.

"She's either going to be a dog with a mangled leg or a three-legged dog," said Christensen.

Despite good progress Luna needs to go into the vet every day for sedation and wound cleaning.

Still Christensen has found a silver lining in this all; "Our Christmas was actually enjoyable. I have seen so many friends in the past week," said Christensen.

Friends who helped clean her bloodied home and more.

"My hands are in rough shape and I've had help with cooking and cleaning and all that," said Christensen.

All the kindness of friends in the world can't take away the nerve of having to wait for news, good or bad.

"She still wags her tail. She still likes the snow," said Christensen.

Bills for daily trips to the vet and a stop in the emergency room have built up.

Christensen's friend has set up a fund to help cover some of that cost.

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