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Fargo carjacking suspect arrested after three police chases in two days

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Reng Zechariah Ayong, 19, Fargo, faces felony charges stemming from a carjacking on Dec. 23, 2017.2 / 4
Leroy Manning, 29, Fargo, was a passenger in a stolen car who was taken into custody after a police chase. Fargo police arrested him on an outstanding warrant.3 / 4
Samantha Broadwell, 22, Fargo, was a passenger in a stolen car who was taken into police custody for an outstanding warrant. She was released on bail.4 / 4

FARGO—The chief suspect in a carjacking was arrested after a series of police chases in Fargo-Moorhead culminating in an early morning pursuit on Sunday, Dec. 24.

The arrest of the suspect, Reng Zechariah Ayong, 19, Fargo, came after he crashed the stolen car in the 4300 block of 7th Avenue North in Fargo around 5:30 a.m. Ayong was driving a rental car stolen Saturday morning, when an assailant struck the driver on the head with a handgun, then drove off with the car, police said.

The chase that ended in Ayong's arrest was one of three pursuits Saturday and early Sunday, as Fargo police, Moorhead police and Cass County deputies all took part at some point in efforts to recover the stolen car and arrest the suspects.

In a chase on Saturday, a man and a woman got out of the fleeing car and were taken into custody by Fargo police. Both were arrested on outstanding warrants. Leroy Manning, 29, and Samantha Broadwell, 22, both of Fargo, were taken into custody, although Broadwell was released on bail.

Ayong, whose Facebook page indicates he attended Fargo North High School, faces felony charges of aggravated reckless endangerment, robbery and fleeing in a vehicle. He is being held in the Cass County Jail without bail.