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Gun control message from Fargo Police Chief getting world wide attention

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FARGO—A carefully worded gun rights and gun control message from Fargo's police chief, in a New York Times video, is getting reaction world wide.

Chief Todd is not the first person to be cautious when asked to share his opinions about gun control on a national and international social media stage.

"Was not interested in being used in a pawn in a political agenda, so we worked through what my concerns were and I wanted it to be a common sense message," said Chief Todd.

The Chief used the stories we have all witnessed in Fargo cases of domestic violence, where guns are involved.

"Gun ownership is a part of life here and that is a right we need to preserve but there are common sense things we need to look at when we have people convicted of violent crimes or domestic violence that perhaps they lose the right to own that gun," said Chief Todd.

The New York Times contacted Chief Todd, knowing the story and tragic death of Officer Jason Moszer was still fresh in the minds of people in our community.

The reaction was different from millions of people who watched it on Wednesday.

"Watching comments, certainly more cynical outside our region but the majority agree with what I am saying," said Chief Todd.

For more information, click here.

To view Chief Todd's entire message, click here.

Kevin Wallevand

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