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A woman is recovering in the hospital after being trapped inside a North Fargo house fire.

THE FIRE HAPPENED around 8:00 Sunday morning. Two adults and one child managed to make it to safety outside when fire crews arrived. They soon learned a woman and dog were still trapped. Fire fighters climbed through an egress window and found the woman unconcious in the basement. She was quickly rescued and taken to Sanford by ambulance with unkown injuries. They also found and revived an unconcious dog. Batallion Chief Bruce Anderson says having the egress windows is likely what saved their lives.

"The crews made entry through the egress window and then rescued her from the egress window. It's very important if you're going to have a bedroom or people living in the basement to have an egress window put in your home," Anderson said.

No firefighters were hurt, but one Fargo police officer was treated for smoke inhalation. Damage is estimated at about $120,000.


If you think you're surrounded by bad drivers in the Valley, you might be on to something.

The insurance company Quote Wizard released a study ranking Minnesota as number two for worst drivers. North Dakota came in at number 10. The study shows a causes for the problematic driving could be brutal winter weather or the infamous "Minnesota nice" mentality - turning drivers passive aggressive. Moorhead police officers agree with this, saying past crashes have been caused by passive-agressive drivers.


The National Retail Federation estimates this year's sales will grow to six percent more than 2016's.

Shopkeepers in Grand Forks say it's a season they look forward to each year. Customers searching for the best deals on dresses and other gifts for their little elves say they're hoping to avoid a last-minute scramble next week.