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Santa Claus look alike turns heads in Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN—In Jamestown, patients coming into the Emergency Room, are doing a "double take."

We're just days away from Christmas, but one physician has his role down pat; all but the sleigh.

Dr. Scott Goecke knew he and his beard were onto something with this whole Santa look alike thing.

"It has eased some of the kids, the first time I noticed it, I went into a room of a little girl with her mother and she leaned over to her mom and said 'he does look like Santa Claus," said Dr. Goecke.

Goecke is known to sport a short beard, but he grew it out to mark men's health awareness in November, the rest is Kris Kringle history.

"Lightened up in the emergency room and kind of festive mood around Christmas time," said Goecke.

Just like Santa, Dr. Goecke has organized his own set of north pole helpers, the ER nurses are part of the Santa story.

Andrea Grimson's 4-year-old daughter stopped by the ER recently and got pretty wide eyed.

"She thought it was the coolest thing in the world that mom gets to work with Santa," said Grimson.

When Dr. Goecke wears his signature Santa hat in public, the look is too much.

"Some people are asking if they could hire me to be Santa. It has been an interesting role to get into right now," said Goecke.

This doctor, who, after a visit, sends you home with a Christmas treat; call it job security.

"Something to fall back on," said Goecke.

Dr. Goecke likes the feedback from patients so much, he thinks he'll keep the beard.

Kevin Wallevand

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