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Murder-suicide in Fergus Falls shocks neighbors

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FERGUS FALLS, Minn.—Two well known lawyers, who recently divorced, are dead in Fergus Falls, as the result of a murder-suicide.

Police found the bodies of Ryan and Sarah Cheshire about 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

Neighbors say the murder-suicide happened at 1447 Patterson Loop.

Ryan Cheshire, an assistant attorney in Otter Tail County, died by suicide.

He was previously married to Sarah, also an attorney.

Sarah's work biography says the couple had three children together.

According to court documents, the couple's divorce was finalized less than three weeks ago.

Neighbors say they heard someone screaming, and that's when they called 911.

Police then arrived at at the apartment.

Thursday, neighbors were reflective, as they learn two people died inside these walls.

Danny Yackley said, "There was a wow, factor. Like surprise, like should we be scared?"

People like Danny Yackley say they had no idea what was going on as law enforcement flooded this normally quiet area of town.

"They had the road crossed off. Then they had this side of the road filled with eight or nine police vehicles," said Yackley.

Others had an inkling something was seriously wrong.

"I was just in my car, and I just heard a yell out call 911. And then I heard the girl on the phone freaking out," said Daniel Budd, neighbor.

Residents say the garden level apartment is where an attorney lived.

Otter Tail County assistant attorney Ryan Cheshire is linked to the address.

His ex-wife Sarah Cheshire, also an attorney, is confirmed dead by colleagues, saying, "our firm family is grieving this tragic loss."

Neighbors who didn't know the pair well, say there's a lesson to be learned.

"I am pretty shocked. It's pretty crazy. Life is short," said Budd.

Both the BCA and the Fergus Falls police department are still investigating exactly what happened.

Ryan Cheshire experienced tragedy in his life.

Ryan's father Bob was a U.S. Marshal, killed outside of Medina, North Dakota, as federal officers moved in to try and arrest tax protester Gordon Kahl.

Ryan was six at the time.

Ten years later, Ryan's younger brother was killed when he got into a car, with a driver who was drunk.

Jeremy Cheshire was 15 at the time.

Ryan had said those tragedies led him to a career in law.

A Go Fund Me has been set up for the couple's three children.

Donors are adding messages to the family - like 'stay strong little ones.'

So Far, the Go Fund Me has reached almost $3,000 of its $50,000.

A link to the GoFundMe can be found below: