Zandbroz features WDAY Honor Flight Book during 'Writer's Wonderland' event


FARGO—As a part of a "Writer's Wonderland," Zandbroz in Fargo hosted a book signing Thursday night.

One of the featured books was the WDAY Honor Flight Book : "In Their Honor."

Tracy Briggs, along with biography editor Jan Jorgensen, will be signing copies.

The proceeds made from the book's sales Thursday will go to the next Honor Flight.

Briggs says it can be a great way to attract a new crowd to check the book out.

"And then they'll start paging through the book and they'll say, 'Oh I know him!' 'He was my teacher!' I think that's what kind of neat, you don't know who went on the trip, and you'll be surprised by some of the cool stories in here," said Tracy Briggs, WDAY Honor Flight.

The signing was 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday night.