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Reminder of be aware of scams this holiday season

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FARGO—This warning about online shopping.

One of our reporters got a flyer in the mail offering a $50-dollar gift card to Wal-mart.

We found out it comes at a cost.

After calling the number, someone answered saying we can get the gift card as long as we sign up for a discount service.

Heather Johnson with the Better Business Bureau says you become a commodity when you put personal information on websites.

They sell your information causing flyers to show up in your mailbox.

"You know that user end agreement that we all click on without reading it? If you would read that, you would know which websites just blatantly tell you they're going to sell your information," said Heather Johnson, Business Outreach Coordinator.

The Walmart gift card flyer is technically not a scam, but Johnson encourages people to do their research before signing up for things.