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North Dakota could see expansion of hemp crops in coming years

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BISMARCK—As hemp grows into a hot commodity in North Dakota, more farmers are taking an interest including a local man headed to Bismarck to talk with state leaders about his experiences with the crop.

Farmers planted 70 acres in 2016 and that jumped to 3,000 acres this year as part of a statewide pilot program.

For 2018 the list of growers could expand as some hope the state allows for more acres to be grown.

This year's crop was one of the best for harvesting seeds and farmers say the uses for the plant are endless.

"Huge possibility huge market in the United States around. I mean there's a big presence in hemp. Whether it's the oil or the seeds for protein," said Chris Adams, Farmer.

Farmers will hold a meeting on the crop at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, December 15th in Bismarck at the State Capitol Building.