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Parent speaks out after daughter was bullied by local teacher

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FARGO—Parents are outraged Tuesday night after learning their children were bullied in a Fargo classroom by their teacher.

When Alexandra's 10-year-old daughter began struggling in school, and becoming emotional and distant at first they thought hormones were to blame.

"We thought maybe it was her, I mean, she's a tween, I don't know," said Alexandra, Parent.

Over time, they learned it wasn't hormones, but classroom bullying reportedly from her own teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary.

"There were instances of a lot of crying at school, on the playground. She was found crying in the hallway multiple times," said Alexandra said.

Parents say children weren't allowed to go to the nurse's office without giving a detailed explanation of why in front of the entire class, same goes with using the restroom, and apparently ridiculing kids for fixing their hair or using chapstick."

"Bullying, it was bullying," said Alexandra.

Parents believe there were multiple, verbal complaints over the years, but it took her final, formal complaint on November 8 to spur action.

"We had to step in and kind of, protect her more than we ever have before," said Alexandra.


Following an investigation, Mrs. Andrea Deschamp was removed from the classroom and put on administrative leave.

Fargo Public Schools declined an on-camera interview, but gave this statement:

"The teacher will not be returning to the classroom at Lewis & Clark Elementary School. The district continues to work with the teacher on the reported concerns."

"I think this is about protecting our kids across the board. I think we need to look at the rules we have set up," said Alexandra.

This mom's mission isn't over, she plans on going to the School Board and to even higher authorities to protect both teachers and children.

"They should see school as a place where they go to learn and have fun and make friends, and develop emotionally and mentally. It should not be a place where they have anxiety or fear," said Alexandra.

We have reached out to the teacher Andrea Deschamp for comment, but have not heard back.