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Monday News Update (12/4)

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Welcome to your news update.

I'm Dominique Brogle.



A garage is a total loss after a devastating fire in Polk County.

Here's a look at the damages along 141 St. SW in rural East Grand Forks.

Fire crews were battling the flames just after 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

The garage was not attached to the house, but the nearby home did receive some minor fire damage.

No one was hurt.

No word on what caused the fire.


A bicyclist arrested for riding drunk will be in court today.

Scott Olsen who was riding the bike has been charged with DUI.

There was also a warrant for his arrest.

This, after he was hit by a car near Dunn Brothers Coffee off of 13th in Fargo.

Police say Olsen was trying to cross the street, but a turning car with a green arrow ended up hitting him.

Authorities say there were no major injuries.


The Minnesota DNR is warning people about the dangers of thin ice.

In Detroit Lakes, fisherman are braving the risk just for that catch of the day.

Area Fisheries Supervisor, Nathan Olson, says the ice needs to be at least 4 inches before it can be safely walked on and 12 inches to ride your car out on the lake.

Even if it looks thick, you still need to check thoroughly before going out.

"There might be 4 to 6 inches out there, but it can be very deceiving so people are going to want to make sure they're checking the ice thickness with a spud bar or actually drilling a hole and measuring with a tape measure is your best bet," said Olson.

The DNR also wants anglers to check ice conditions with local bait shops since the ice can change every day.

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