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Internet users worry about upcoming vote on net neutrality regulations

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FARGO—The countdown is on to a monumental vote when the FCC will decide on net neutrality regulations.

In 12 days, the FCC will vote to roll back net neutrality regulations, a topic that many have questions about.

The new rules drafted by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai would give network providers, like Comcast, AT &T, and Verizon, the ability to control distribution of content.

A move he says would help promote companies to expand infrastructure.

But some see the proposed regulations as a way for your provider to raise costs.

"I think in the end it's going to impact their bottom line as a family their internet service provider could raise rates, their Netflix or Hulu could get charged more on the back end," said Karen Halsa, Indivisible F-M.

Internet users are afraid that, along with higher costs, providers will also slow certain websites and services down, taking the control away from you.

As the vote gets closer, internet providers are preparing for a change in the future and how we use the internet.

Before the vote, you can share any concerns you have about the vote.

This can be done by visiting the link below: