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TSA announces new screening procedures

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FARGO—Airport Security is getting a little stricter across the country.

Thursday, the TSA announced new screening procedures when it comes to electronics.

All electronics larger than a cell phone must be taken out of carry-on bags and put into separate bins for X-Ray screenings.

This rule has been applied to laptops for years, but has expanded to items like bluetooth speakers, iPads, Kindles, and cameras.

It's part of an effort to boost airport security in America to stay ahead of any terroristic threats.

"People who are known terrorists or associated with terrorists are not allowed to fly. Which takes a huge vulnerability out of the system. But, keeping these procedures in place for everyday people is a deterrent from trying to get things through the checkpoint," said Lorie Dankers, TSA Spokesperson.

This rule will be implemented across North Dakota airports by Jan. 1.

Even with the new electronic rule, there are still restrictions that have been in place for years that aren't going away, like what exactly is allowed in your carry-on bags.

The TSA gave us an exclusive look at the prohibited items it's confiscated over the past month at Hector.

Some of the items weren't surprising, but there were a few, let's say, interesting items people have tried to bring through security here in Fargo.

"The most common one we see is knives. We see them at least once a day, multiple times a day."

The dozens of knives on that were spread on a table are only about half of what they collected over the past 30 days.

"The rule is simple: Anything with a blade isn't allowed," said Dankers.

The rule also includes tools and even household appliances.

"Pliers themselves aren't a threat, but the idea is they could be used in another way," said Dankers, "Passengers are held accountable for the content of their bags."

It's common knowledge that guns aren't allowed through airport security.

But you may not know that includes everything from a magazine clip to ammunition.

Lorie Dankers said, "Most items there is no penalty to the passenger. However, if they bring illegal items. You may get a citation, and you may get civil penalty. An example - a firearm. Those penalties can be as high as $7,500."

All of these restrictions may feel excessive, especially when you're the one going through security, but they're in place for a reason.

"As we think about these items and the delays they cause, I just encourage people to think about as we move into the holiday travel season, just take a second look at your bag. That will certainly help get you through the checkpoint quicker," said Dankers.

The items we saw Thursday afternoon will now go to the North Dakota state surplus office.

The office will either destroy the items or auction them off.

TSA does have an app you can download that tells you what exactly is and isn't allowed in your carry on and checked bags.

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