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The Grinch visits East Grand Forks

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EAST GRAND FORKS—With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the focus has officially shifted to Christmas, but one visitor in East Grand Forks was trying to steal that attention on Friday.

The Grinch made an appearance at East Grand Floral and Gift store on Black Friday, posing for photos with children and offering free cookies and cider.

Although he was on his best behavior, the Grinch did try to make off with some ornaments and Christmas gifts from the store.

Luckily, employees had their eyes peeled.

"Not yet, but we'll be watching him before he leaves to make sure he doesn't take anything in his pockets," said Shelly Duchscherer, Owner of East Grand Forks Floral.

Aside from hosting the Grinch, East Grand Floral and Gift store is also hosting a sale; 20 percent off all items this weekend.