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Eight North Dakota children receive new families on National Adoption Day

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NORTH DAKOTA—The hearts and homes of families in Grand Forks are growing.

Saturday marks National Adoption Day and dozens of children across North Dakota wait for a forever home.

It's all celebration for families legally welcoming children into their hearts.

"Oh she's a nice young gal. Just needs a break in life and she'll get it," said Nick Denault, Father.

16-year-old Jaiden Denault has lived with her dad for four years, but for the first time North Dakota's court system recognizes Nick as her father.

"Having the paperwork done, and it on paper it's really great," said Jaiden, "they're a wonderful family and I'm happy to be apart of it now."

The Denault's hope others will go through the adoption process too.

"Because a lot of people don't want to adopt teenagers. But somebody's got to be there for them," said Nick.

In North Dakota alone, 30 kids are waiting for their forever home some longer than others.

"It's really hard on them because it can be tough and some kids don't end up being adopted and then they age out of the system," said Molly Schaefer, Supervisor in Grand Forks Region.

Together, this group is hoping to bring awareness for National Adoption Day and the needs of our youngest North Dakotans.

"These kids they need homes, and they need people who will care about them. And it's a matter of finding the perfect home for them, someone that will love them," said Jaiden.

Eight fewer kids are now on the adoption list in the state for that complete list, click here.