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Richland County Sheriff informs public of registered high-risk sex offender

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KINDRED, N.D.—A registered sex offender with a troubling past in Richland County has many neighbors asking why on Tuesday.

The Richland County Sheriff held a public meeting Tuesday informing people of high-risk offender who was living and working near Walcott.

It was a packed meeting and many were upset given the disturbing nature of Aaron Bever's history.

Some were disgusted, even angry, after hearing of a high risk offender working in Richland county.

High risk and lifetime offenders are required legally to register in North Dakota when they move or start a new job.

"The registration must be made with local law enforcement, and depends on the jurisdiction they live in," said Josh Beto, Richland County Investigator.

Richland County is home to only eight lifetime registrants, including 32-year-old Aaron Bever.

He's registered as working on a rural Kindred farm.

Some in the community are upset with Bever's presence.

We asked his employer about him, he didn't want to be on camera, but agreed to an interview.

We asked why he hired Bever despite the community's outrage.

"Because we need the men, to work," said Owner of Braaten Farm in Kindred.

He described his work ethic: "very good, very good worker."

But says the crime he was convicted for, may not have happened.

Owner: "Not necessarily. I suppose it could've have happened."

Reporter: "Do you know what he was convicted of?"

Owner: "No, but you hear a lot of talk that isn't true. Just hearsay, nothing you can prove."

Bever is convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl hundreds of times.

He's deemed a high risk to re-offend, and has a history of failing to register properly with police.

For a few days, Bever lived on the man's property, but recently registered at the Night's Inn in Wahpeton.