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Minnesota hate crimes increase 10 percent from 2015

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FARGO—The FBI's statistics on hate crimes for 2016 are out and it doesn't look good for Minnesota.

The state saw a nearly 10 percent increase in reported hate crimes over the year prior.

North Dakota, meanwhile, reported only eight hate crimes after reporting 36 in 2015.

Despite this, Fargo has had several crimes which some would call hate crimes.

North Dakota doesn't have standardized hate crime legislation, and relies on self reporting from police departments, only six agencies in the entire state reported a bias crime.

Activists say more legislation is needed to help protect at risk groups, and get more accurate numbers.

"The unfortunate truth is we don't have that recognition at this point in the state. That's something we really have to work on," said Barry Nelson, ND Human Rights Coalition.

Nationwide, there were five percent more reported hate crimes between in 2016 than in 2015.