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City of Dilworth seeks public input on long-range growth plan

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DILWORTH, Minn.—The City of Dilworth is now seeking the public's opinion to help guide its growth after experiencing steady business development.

Online Tuesday morning, the city rolled out this survey for residents to take.

It's looking for feedback on a long-range growth plan.

This past year, businesses received a boost with BNSF, Serenity Assisted Living Expansions, and most recently, the opening of the Aldi grocery store.

City officials say the recent growth is a great sign for the entire Metro's economy.

"We're all in this together, so we have always taken the regional approach to this and looking at and evaluating the entire metro area, so we're all in this together," said Peyton Mastera, City Administrator.

Steady population growth has businesses like Serenity Assisted Living adding on, to house more residents.

"The area's growing and getting older, and with that, people are moving out, which creates housing opportunities for younger families too, so it's kind of really fun to see the whole circle of life on that," said Richard Anderson, Co-owner of Serenity Assisted Living.

People in Dilworth can find that online survey for input on the city's Facebook page.