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Police investigate murder suicide of two Menahga men

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MENAHGA, Minn.—Police have ruled the death of two Menahga men as a "murder-suicide."

Names have not been released, but family is convinced Carl Albin, who lived in the home, is one of the men.

As authorities on scene gather evidence, family came, not knowing if their loved one would still be there.

"We had to investigate for ourselves, see what happened," said Sherrill Johnson, Cousin of Carl.

As the couple drove up and BCA on scene collecting evidence for over five hours.

"We got here and then now I know that most likely it's Carl," said Johnson.

That is 82-year-old Carl Albin who lived in the home with longtime partner Olga, who passed away less than a week ago.

Her funeral originally scheduled at 3:00 p.m. Monday.

"Carl was so level-headed and he was a very a good person, he was very bright. He would have never something bad happen to him," said Johnson.

The overnight events even surprising neighbors.

Ron Honga first saw the scene Monday morning from his deck.

"It's very shocking to realize that this happened here. I just can't believe it," said Honga.

Ron says he didn't hear anything odd throughout the night.

Authorities say they were called to this scene after someone walked into the home and discovered the two men's bodies inside.

Police say an exact timeline of when the two men died will remain unknown until after an autopsy report, which family members Dean and Sherrill are still waiting on, along with more answers.

A grieving family, wondering just what happened inside that could have led to such tragic circumstances.

Authorities have not "officially" identified anyone yet, they say they're still notifying family members.