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Better Business Bureau offers tips for avoiding online shopping scams

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METRO—As holiday shopping season kicks off, the Better Business Bureau is urging shoppers to think about the link.

Things like an HTTPS, a padlock symbol, or even a credit card company's logo will look familiar to any online shopper, but these are all tools you can use to make sure you're not giving your info to scammers.

Trusted retailers like Amazon will account for most web transactions, but deal hunters may dig deeper for better deals.

The experts say if you're going to shop on a new website you do a few things first.

Click on any credit card logos to see if they lead somewhere, fake websites will just have pictures without links.

Another thing you should check: the URL.

If it starts with the letters HTTPS, emphasis on the S, it's secure.

On top of that, the BBB says you should research any new company you plan on buying from.

"We encourage you to check with more than one source with your reviews, just so you get a thorough look across the board," said Heather Johnson, Better Business Bureau.

Four out of five shoppers buy things online, and because of built-in safeguards, it's actually safer to shop online with a credit card than a debit card.