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'Frustrating, to say the least': Disabled veteran says he was treated unfairly by local business

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FARGO—A disabled veteran and Fargo native says he was treated unfairly by a local business after what he calls an honest mistake.

Outside Herd and Horns, parking can be tough to find, especially on a bison gameday.

In his search for an open handicap-accessible spot, John Trautman accidentally took a spot meant for Jimmy John's drivers, a mistake he says caused a major headache.

Like any trip, to get there, he needed his specialized SUV.

It has a lift to get him in and out, and a special license plate noting his Disabled Veteran status.

This time, as he arrived the weather wasn't cooperating.

"Backed into it quickly because it was raining and didn't want to get my electronics wet," said Trautman.

His backup camera didn't see anything, and he was in a hurry.

After enjoying the game with his dad, he left Herd and Horns and realized his SUV was gone.

"Then we noticed the sign on the wall that said Jimmy John's delivery parking only," said Trautman.

Admitting to their mistake, the pair went next door to Jimmy John's, asking where the SUV was.

Trautman says after telling him who to call, the store's workers told him: "It's not my problem."

It's at that moment that John's father noticed something.

"It's hard to explain but they were kind of snickering," said Glenn Trautman, John's father.

Apparently laughing at Trautman.

"Frustrating, to say the least," said Trautman.

Already 9:30 at night, the two say they had no choice but to track down someone from the towing company.

John could do nothing but wait.

"If this is down, or in this case towed, not much you can do," said Trautman.

"By the time I got the vehicle back, it was an hour and a half almost two hours later," said Glenn Trautman.

Though Trautman admits he was in the wrong spot, he wishes Jimmy John's did more to prevent the situation.

"Two minutes to walk across and ask management at Herd and Horns to make an announcement," said Trautman.

From now on, he'll keep a closer eye on where he parks, of course, but says he hopes for better treatment.

We could not get ahold of the general manager for Jimmy John's for comment.

A manager in the store did say Trautman was told where he could retrieve his SUV, but had no further comment.