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Veterans experience unforgettable weekend during WDAY's Honor Flight in D.C.

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FARGO—After an unforgettable weekend, nearly a hundred of our country's heroes are back in Fargo.

The veterans landed at Hector a little behind schedule, but to much fanfare.

A weekend of touring our nation's capitol all culminated in a warm welcome home.

For the vet's supporters, it was a can't miss homecoming.

"There's no words. It's truly amazing what these veterans have done for us and given, and it is just an amazing sight," said Kathy Cota, Honor Flight Supporter.

The WDAY's Honor Flight was an emotional experience for Veterans.

Just being in the presence of these memorials was overwhelming for these service men and women.

It gave them a chance to feel the gratitude they so greatly deserve, while also allowing them to reflect on the difficult moments they endured while serving our country.

"Seems like it was always kind of dangerous...They were shooting all the time. At night it was lit up," said Wally Johnson, Veteran.

These black and white photos of Wally Johnson show a young handsome man from Wheaton, but what they don't show are the gruesome and dangerous missions he endured during the Korean War.

"Scared of mines. Stepping on a line.They had mines on the road. They blowed up on the road," said Johnson.

Driving a litter bed to the front lines, picking up dead and wounded.

"One time I was driving the pickup and I didn't see nobody around. It looks like something's wrong, I said. So I shut the Jeep off and boom, the artillery came in. Shrapnel... hit my shotgun guy, I think he died. I got hit in the arm. I could of had a Purple Heart but I turned it down. I thought my mother would worry about me," said Johnson.

Wally's daughter Deana accompanied him on this trip, and helped with bringing out the memories.

"It was amazing when we walked up to this memorial, he said that's just the way it was over there. I can't believe I believe how it looks just the way it was over there," said Deana Johnson, Wally's daughter.

And as he reflected, a reunion of sorts took place on the other side of the memorial.

Veterans Vince Babler and James Powers were both part of top secret atomic bomb testing on Christmas Island, but never met until Monday.

"That was an awesome thing to behold," said James Powers.

"Yeah, and the colors in that mushroom, just unbelievable. I don't even know what color you'd call them," said Vince Babler.

"That shockwave would come and you could see it come through the coconut trees and pretty soon it threw the birds on the ground," said Babler.

"They'd be up in the air and they'd be flipping all over," said Powers.

"Then they'd sit there and look 'what the heck hit me,'" said Babler.

Meetings like these show just how special these honor flights are for the veterans.

To cap off the trip to the capitol, was an unforgettable group photo in the place of freedom that they fought to defend.

As these service men and women go back home, with this trip fresh in their minds, they say this upcoming Veterans Day will be all the more meaningful.