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Wednesday News Update (10/18)

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Welcome to your news update.


A 19-million dollar road construction project is almost complete.

Most of the driving lanes on 32nd Ave. S. will open by the end of today.

And the rest of the orange cones on 32nd and I-29 will be gone by the end of the week.

32nd Ave. and the I-29 bridge was widened to six-lanes, a new southbound I-29 eastbound loop was added,  utilities were updated, and walking and biking paths were added.


An international drug conspiracy investigation that began in Grand Forks has now led the Department of Justice to China.

It started with the overdose death of 18-year-old Bailey Henke in January of 2015.

Yesterday, 38-year-old Jian Zhang was charged in the conspiracy.

He's accused of running four fentanyl manufacturing labs in China, and selling the drug to US customers over the Internet.

Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General said, "They take advantage of the fact that the fentanyl molecule can be altered in numerous ways to create an analog that's not listed as illegal under U.S. or Chinese law. When regulators are able to identify the new fentanyl and make it illegal, the distributors quickly switch to a new, unlisted fentanyl analog."

Eight other people from Canada, Florida, and New Jersey were also charged in the conspiracy yesterday bringing the total number of people charged or convicted to 21.

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