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Police see uptick in burglaries along University Drive South

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FARGO—Business owners say now is the time to protect yourself, after a string of burglaries in South Fargo mostly targeting companies.

Police say they've seen an uptick in burglaries along University Drive South, stretching in the area from I-94 to 40th Avenue South.

It's the same area that was hit less than a year ago, in a seven-store sweep.

Lena Ashland first started her alteration company 13 years ago.

"Since 2004, and there was never ever. People were just friendly nice, I think a couple times I even left the door unlocked overnight and nothing had happened. And now look, we have to watch for someone breaking in," said Ashland.

In her line of business, she's fallen victim to burglars once already this year.

Lena had to clean up a mess left behind from the burglars and has since added surveillance cameras to her business.

Now she hopes that extra security will fend off any unwanted visitors, especially now after six burglaries have been reported in the past two weeks off of University Drive, near one of her locations.

Fargo is not as safe as it used to be, and that is too bad," said Ashland.

While most break-ins have happened at business, police say the thieves have also targeted apartments in the area.

"Throughout the year, we see spurts here and there or to garages, things like that. And those crime numbers, those are typically driven by one individual. In the last spree, the police arrested the suspect," said Jessica Schindeldecker, Fargo Police Department.

Lena hopes this latest criminal is caught and that she stays in the clear, for the sake of her business.

"I think people would be scared to come to the business, thinking that their garment could be damaged and especially during the wedding season, when brides spend so much time searching for the perfect garment," said Ashland.

No word on how much has been taken during this spree.

Police say this is an example of crimes of opportunity, with few incidents using forced entry.