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'It's right next to beyond wonderful’: United Way volunteers assist 470 senior citizens in one day

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HUNTER, N.D.—United Way spread generosity and time Thursday with its annual 'Day of Caring.'

The day started on the outskirts of Cass County, at the only bakery in town, Hunter Cafe.

"So many people can gather to eat the best pie in the state," said Merlyn Anderson, senior citizen.

The pie gave volunteers a chance to come together before the real work began.

Camille Grade, one of the over 1,700 volunteers said, "We're young and able bodied. And for a lot of these seniors, they've paved the way for us in our community."

Camille, along with five volunteers, helped 95-year-old Merlyn Anderson with his daily chores in his home.

Merlyn Anderson said, "It's more than I can appreciate. I don't know if I can absorb it all or not. It's right next to beyond wonderful."

In the charity's 26-year Caring Day tradition, this is a first, heading into the more rural areas to help seniors as they age.

Merlyn's house is one of nine in Hunter North Dakota and between Cass and Clay County, his home is one of over 400 getting the same treatment.

The lesson is in the name of the day; it's a lesson on caring.

"It's pretty mind relaxing and satisfying to know that there are this many people who care. I'm starting to be in the old man's class, so I really appreciate what they do for me," said Anderson.

For Merlyn, the day of caring means staying in his home of over 30 years a little longer.

This was the largest 'Day of Caring' since United Way started it over 26 years ago, with over 1,700 volunteers.