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F-M community members unite to stop hate crimes

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METRO—More than 30 people from the community are trying to prevent more hate crimes from happening in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Organizers for the event say a number of high profile incidents have shown our community just how much hate crime and discrimination is happening in the metro.

Thursday, representatives from Fargo Public Schools, City Commission, the police department and the district attorney's office came to discuss possible solutions and prevention strategies to keep more hate crimes from happening in the community.

Organizers say they're looking at creating a three step plan that includes improving response time to incidents, educating the public and possibly changing legislation.

This all comes after the most recent alleged hate crime incidents where a Somalian says a neighbor spread animal feces all over his car.

In the summer, a Mapleton woman also told a group of Somali women that she would 'kill all of them.'

Barry Nelson from North Dakota Human Rights Coalition said, "There are people in our community who are targeting their anger and their hate on people because of who they perceive them to be. And that is the part where we have to become deliberate. We just can't keep on saying 'That isn't us.'"

The Human Rights Coalition says it plans on the meeting being a launch, saying it hopes to organize more discussions surrounding hate crimes.