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AARP honors Mayville woman with Andrus Award

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MAYVILLE, N.D.—After 23 years of volunteering in Mayville, 83-year-old Marlys Hlavinka is awarded AARP's highest honor with the Andrus Award for Community Service.

Every year, one North Dakotan is selected for their significant volunteer service.

Marlys was presented with the award for creating "The Caring Club," a group of 40 people who convert used greeting cards into new ones.

Over the years, the non-profit organization has raised over $100,000 for the Sanford hospital in Mayville.

Marlys says volunteering in a community is something anyone can do.

"Volunteerism is something that you have to enjoy, it's something that gives you peace of mind. It's just a wonderful, continuing thing that you must do," said Hlavinka.

"The Caring Club" cards can be found in the gift shop at Sanford in Mayville for $0.75 each.